Upall® Protection

Designed to last longer, work harder and maximise profitability

Savings by the
pallet load

Upall protected pallets earn more money by reducing downtime and staying in circulation longer. They also deliver substantial cost and time savings by minimising the need for inspections, repairs, and associated transport.

Proven to at least
triple pallet lifespan

The durability of Upall protected pallets has been
independently assessed at the world-renowned Virginia Tech, and Napier University. The results of rigorous testing showed that Upall-protected pallets have an average lifespan that is more than 300% greater than that of conventional wooden pallets.

Safeguarding your
products & people

The Upall system guards the most frequently damaged areas of the pallet, including blocks and base boards, to make them highly resistant to impact. This results in substantially less damage and fewer wood chippings, extending pallet lifespan while improving health and safety in transit, in storage, and on shop floors.

The best pallet
for the planet

Upall pallets store CO2 for the duration of their extended life. They are in use for longer so fewer journeys to and from repair depots are needed, reducing emissions. They are made from fully recyclable materials – so Upall pallets are better for business and better for the environment.

Engineered for
easy handling

Upall-protected pallets are made to the highest quality construction and carefully considered dimensional tolerances. They are suitable for all mainstream handling equipment and compatible with the latest automated handling and storage applications.

your brand

If green is not your colour, Upall protectors can be supplied in the custom colour of your brand or business, with printed logos and other designs. This enhanced appearance will make your pallets ideal for retail displays directly at point of sale.